Typical Personalities of a Graphic Designer

By: Dianne Hope R. Salvador

Typical Personalities of a Graphic Designer

What kind of Designer are you? What is your character and personality when it comes to being a designer? How can you describe yourself? Have you already asked yourself the same questions?

Every artist has a wide variety of characters, personalities, talents, working styles, experience, skills, types, hobbies, likes and dislikes and mindset. The artist behind all the designs that people see nowadays in every medium is talented individual and each bestows a unique personality or approach in making their works. When you work at Advertising Agency, Art Studio, Website Development Company or even Gaming Company you will meet different talented individuals and you will see that there are many kinds of designers in the world. Personality is a set of characteristics, attributes or traits of the person distinguishing him/her from others. Here are some of the major personalities of designers, find out which personality describes you:

#1. The Perfectionist (but hot-headed)

These artists want every piece of their artworks to be perfectly made and accurate in all aspects of designs. They try to keep everything clean, organize and perfect as much as possible. They don’t care about other people’s opinion and they belittles others for their ignorance when it comes to art. They are often intolerant of severe work pressure and can become easily angry. They are sensitive and impulsive when receiving a bad criticism or comments about their work. They are hysterical, moody and impatient.

#2. The Creative (but show-off)

They are clever, resourceful, innovative and imaginative. They can easily find a solution in every problem in their works because they have a unique problem-solving skills. When they face the toughest challenge or project they deal with it with inventiveness and cleverness. They brag about their skills and talents. They always want to be the center of attention and they want others to praise them for their skills. They tend to belittle other people and admit that they are much talented than they.

#3. The Brainy (but sluggish)

They know anything about everything. They are the master of their craft and they have in-depth knowledge of everything in related to arts. They can think of a concept that even the most experienced designers might not be familiar with. They also tend to do things very slowly that results on not meeting deadlines. They love to eat, sleep and do nothing and they are prone to procrastination.

#4. The Socialite (but big-hearted)

They love to make new friends and have a habit of socializing with other people. They make extensive use of social media on a business and professional level. They tend to be generous, kind and like to meet new people and connection. They are extremely forbearing, enduring and tolerant. They can work through the highest level of pressure and they don’t easily get stressed and fatigued. They can meet their goals and deadlines with calmness and self-assured ease.

#5. The Veteran (but supersonic)

They have seen it all, experienced it all, and can handle any situation. They are expert in the field of designing. They have the wisdom and experience that make them an inspiration and sometimes a mentor, to new designers. They never missed a deadline and sometimes they finish their work way before the due date. They have a habit of doing things instantly. Although fast is a very good attribute, in some circumstances it can make the quality of a poorly-done project.

After knowing the typical personalities of designers, where would you place yourself? Or do you have much unique personality that suits your designing skill? Just always remember that we are all different. Whatever your reason for being a designer, you are unique and talented. We can belong to the three personalities mentioned above but always know that there is a room for changes and improvement. All we have to do is be true to ourselves and love our chosen craft. Can you now describe what kind of designer you are?